An animal is back in the barn

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The owner of the An animal informed the police on Wednesday afternoon that the young cattle had been sighted about 600 meters from their stable and could be driven back into it. So far, there is no new information about the location of the second animal, reports the Treuchtlingen police.

The animals busied on Saturday, July 18, from a pasture near the Langenaltheim district of Rehlingen and crossed the train tracks and several streets. According to the owners, who were able to observe the outbreak on site, the animals “suddenly went wild for invisible reasons and then fled through the pasture fence”. Both federal road 2 and the Treuchtlingen-Ingolstadt railway line were therefore temporarily blocked due to the risk of accidents, and there were considerable delays.

Pedestrians or cyclists who are encountering the animal that is still free should not approach it, but should call 911 or call the Treuchtlingen police inspection (phone 54654865).


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