Ex-HCE keeper Katsigiannis is once again unemployed

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The crowd favorite was missing at the start of the training Ex-HCE keeper Katsigiannis is once again unemployed: Nikolas Katsigiannis, long-time goalkeeper of HC Erlangen, is currently unemployed and is looking for a club. The situation is unusual for 37-year-old Nikolas Katsigiannis, but not new.

The handball player, previously a goalkeeper with Bundesliga club HC Erlangen, has been registered as unemployed since July 1, as he did in summer 2014. At that time, he had not renewed his contract with HBW Balingen-Weilstetten despite the lack of other offers and then received an offer from promoted HC Erlangen , where the “cat” called keeper quickly became a crowd favorite due to his spectacular way of playing.

The Erlangen team resumed training on Thursday , Katsigiannis is no longer there. “It’s not a nice situation,” he says with regard to unemployment. He was not concerned with unemployment benefits, “the most important thing for me was that I had health insurance”. And now, like six years ago, he’s waiting for offers. “The problem is that Corona doesn’t let the clubs know what to do next, what the budget is.” But his consultant is keeping a close eye on the domestic and international market.

Katsigiannis had held for the HCE for a season in 2014/15; although he could not help to prevent relegation, an offer came from THW Kiel in 2015, “and if such a club calls, you cannot say no”. Born in North Rhine-Westphalia, he went north for a year, played internationally with the THW and then came back to Erlangen.

Katsigiannis’ longing for abroad
It was introduced at a press conference open to the public and celebrated by the HCE fans. “Of course it’s nice for a player when he gets this appreciation – you know that from television, and it’s nice when you experience it yourself,” he likes to think back not only to that moment. Nevertheless, Katsigiannis decided before the turn of the year not to renew his contract in Erlangen. “I felt like I had to try something new,” he feels “still young enough to go abroad again,” he says. Denmark, France or Portugal appeal to him, “For me these are the leagues that are interesting”. Spain, on the other hand, where many clubs have financial problems, is no longer so interesting from a sporting point of view.


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