Just a rumor? Hack to Cologne

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Hack to Cologne Will Simon Terodde soon attack for the club? The rumour fueled by Sport Bild persists. They already had a place in the front line for the storm tank at FCN after the departure of Michael Frey and Mikael Ishak. But isn’t the one-man wrecking ball too expensive for the old master? There is obviously a solution for this too.

A rumour is a rumour because it is a rumour. In order to make the rumour that Simon Terodde could soon storm for 1. FC Nürnberg seem more credible, Sport Bild , author of the Simon Terodde-to-FCN rumour, has now followed up. And that, even though Bild Nürnberg, in the club reporting closer than the weekly football magazine, had registered doubts. And they also communicated this to their friends from the Springer house.

Salary, transfer and so on: Simon Terodde, still under contract in Cologne and 118-second division goals in 220-second division matches in the proof of work, would, of course, fit wonderfully in terms of the profile of requirements for the Sturmführer job to be awarded in Nuremberg. Possibly even the ideal line-up for the second division club that has not just relegated. With an annual salary of supposedly more than two million euros, the massive attacker, who has scored ten times in almost 60 games in League One and 15 times in the Cup in 15 games, would simply be too expensive for the FCN. So far, really.

Because FC the booth maker from Bocholt – last season the 1.92-meter storm bull in the billy goat attack couldn’t get past Jhon Cordoba and Anthony Modeste – would like to have the payroll from the second division goalies – as that Sport Bild writes – but even for mild, let him move free of charge from the cathedral city. The addition: In the event of promotion to Nuremberg, additional payments for the Dann-Nürnberg could be made by clause, parts of the princely salary could still be taken over by FC or … – and there you are with Robin Hack.


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