Keanu Reeves writes on comic book

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Keanu Reeves writes (55) works on a series of comic books. With Matt Kindt, the graphic novel author of the “New York Times”, the action star wants to produce a twelve-part comic series with the title “BRZRKR” (read: Berzerker).

The first part of the series is due to be released this October, CNN reported. “I have loved comics since I was a child and they have influenced me artistically,” said Reeves in a statement about the motivation for his new project.

The books are said to deal with a violent demigod who wanders in search of answers about his existence on earth. The figure, named Berzerker, works “for the US government to fight the battles that are too violent and too dangerous for everyone else,” a summary said.

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First wife felt neglected
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She was arrested and facing ten years in prison.


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