perfect summer weather until the weekend

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perfect summer weather until the weekend Fresh at night and warm during the day: The next few days remain sunny with temperatures around 27 degrees. At the weekend it could unfortunately get a little worse.

A whopping 15 hours of sunshine on Wednesday bring up to 27 degrees. It should also be 20 degrees at sunset at 9 p.m. That screams for cooling off in the outdoor pool. There is always a place free in Nuremberg: the baths are almost never fully booked.

Thursday then really picks up again and the temperatures rise again to 28 degrees. The sun is relentlessly burning from the sky, so don’t forget sunscreen.

On Friday the weather forecasts show no major changes. In return, the summer temperatures on the weekend could drop somewhat: on Saturday and Sunday it could rain in between, but the temperatures are still around 24 degrees.


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