The Poison spider is spreading in Germany

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The poison spider has been found in Germany since the 1950s. Panic in front of the crawling animal is out of place, however, as the Federal Conservation Authority explains.

t is nocturnal and lives in tall grass: the nurse thorn fingers . The yellow-green-brownish creatures are not really beautiful to look at. But which spider can say that about itself?

The little animals love warmth and are therefore more common in Germany due to climate change . But the most important thing in advance: “The bite of the reclusive spider is poisonous for humans. But: The bite is unpleasant, but serious damage is not yet known,” explains the federal nature conservation on its own website.

The pain is comparable to that of a wasp sting. However, it is much more likely to encounter the latter than the nurse thorn finger. Because: The spiders are considered shy. But if she stabs what she can do for fear and oppression, for example, you should better go to the doctor and have the bite looked at. A photo of the animal in question can help the doctor classify the spider.

Did you know?

According to the Bund Naturschutz, the green-orange-brown spider is up to 1.5 centimeters tall. The female can lay up to 165 eggs in August – in an egg-sized brood. This leaves them only when the young leave the nest in November. Then the female dies of exhaustion and malnutrition. The boys, however, overwinter.

So what to do if you accidentally hit the nurse thorn finger? If you suspect a brood, you should of course keep your hands off it. If you discover a single animal somewhere, for example on a meadow in the grass, you should leave it alone, which in principle applies to all animals, and move on.



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