The best athletes in the region

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On March 16, The best athletes in the region started with Hannah Stockbauer and ended a series that was unique in the long history of the Nürnberger Nachrichten on July 16 with Max Morlock. We were looking for “Our 100” dearest, most successful and most impressive athletes from the region, from Pegnitz to Ansbach, from Parsberg to Herzogenaurach. You can now see for yourself how difficult this search and the selection was.

We argued, sometimes, but always in agreement, that the list of athletes who should be “Our 100” should not be exhaustive. Otherwise it should have been “Our 1000”. In a region whose (formerly) large football clubs were allowed to celebrate a total of 12 German championship titles, 100 kickers could easily have been found – which would have meant a lot of black-and-white photos, it was all a bit longer ago.

Medals or more?
Black and white pictures should occur, the early days of sport in the region, the arc should extend to the present – in an effort to also depict the diversity of regional sport, sometimes down to small angles. Success was not the only criterion, it should also be about attitude, about commitment, about how sport can touch people. But of course this does not apply to all 100 athlete stories. For some, the medals outshone everything else because outstanding athletes do not necessarily have to be outstanding people.

Personal preferences? It would be a lie to say that the choice is completely free. Sport lives from feelings. But if you wanted to get rid of declarations of love for Ania Rösler, Marek Mintal, Conny Dumler, Martin Jellinghaus, Hannah Krüger or the distinctive Markus Schwindl, for example, you had – and had – good reasons for it. Here you can vote for your darling and rate all athletes on a scale of 1 to 10:


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