The Stones with Jimmy Page

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The Stones with Jimmy Page single comeback with “Living In A Ghost Town”, the Rolling Stones surprise their fans again, this time with an old recording. The piece “Scarlet”, released on YouTube, dates from October 1974 and was recorded with Jimmy Page by the rock band Led Zeppelin on guitar next to Keith Richards.

As the music label, Universal announced, the song “has never been released before. Bootlegs don’t exist either.” The release announces a new edition of the Stones album “Goats Head Soup” from 1973, which is to be released on September 4th in a various boxset and deluxe editions.

Scarlet” is one of a number of rarities and alternative mixes on these CDs and vinyl records. “I remember jamming with Jimmy and Keith in Ronnie (Wood) ‘s basement studio. It was a great session,” said Stones singer Mick Jagger of the recording, so far unknown to Universal.

Rolling Stones: Number 1 on the German single charts

In a press release, Page describes the song as “contagious and dirty as everything the band did in this sacred era”. The song was probably named after Page’s daughter. The new edition of “Goats Head Soup” from 1973 will contain two more unpublished songs, one of which is “Criss Cross”, which has already been released with a new video.

The Rolling Stones, founded in 1962, launched the new song “Living In A Ghost Town” at the end of April, with which they reacted directly to the isolation in the corona pandemic. After being released on CD and vinyl in early July, the piece topped the German single charts – for the first time with this legendary band in 52 years.


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